New Apartment Living

New Apartment Living

DOBERMANS and german shepherds are out, medium breeds like French Bulldogs are in!

Thanks to apartment living and better security systems, dog lovers are ditching the larger dog mentality for security and going with smaller breeds like the French Bulldog.

In New York and San Francisco, as the rent rises and apartments get smaller, then demand for a pet that fit this lifestyle is on a dramatic rise. Breeders are being inundated with requests for the “frenchies”, the small french bulldog so in demand, waiting lists span up to two years. The French Bulldog is among the Top 5 most popular breeds in New York City.

In other parts of the world, like in Australia, the latest figures from the Australian National Kennel Council showed staffordshire bull terrier registrations skyrocketed to 4483 in the past 15 years, making them Australia’s most popular breed.

Medium-sized breeds such as French bulldogs and pugs also rated highly, while old favourites such as german shepherds, dobermans and rottweilers were gradually on the decline.

Celebrity owners, including Hugh Jackman, Leonardo DiCaprio the Beckhams and the Olsen twins had helped drive the trend. “The looks get you in but it’s their personality that wins you over,” she said.

There is a 12-month to two-year waiting list to get a frenchie from any reputable breeder, she said.

At about $3000 per puppy, the dog is also attracting a less desirable supplier – backyard breeders out to make a quick buck.